Introduction to Hoosier Heart Throb Ragdolls:

Hoosier heart throb ragdolls is a small in home cattery that plans to provide the most beautiful healthy ragdoll kittens for you to add to your family! We should be capable of providing many different color points and patterns including, Minks, Sepias, Traditionals, and Lynx. We are located in South Bend, In – home of Notre Dame University and our beloved Fighting Irish! We are in the process of becoming licensed and TICA registered. Our ragdolls are being raised from kittens to adults in our home and under foot. They are well socialized to dogs, grandkids, and a couple of senior cats. Our future litters of kittens will come with a health guarantee and will be dewormed and have age appropriate vaccinations. As a semi-retired registered nurse I have the time, love, and the means to give our ragdolls the everyday attention and socialization they require to become your very own family’s HEART THROB!I hope you continue to follow us as we make this ragdoll dream become a reality! I know you will fall in love with this breed of cat just like I did! They are the most docile, loving, playful, and loyal companions! When you pick a ragdoll up, she just falls out in your arms and loves to be loved! They have an extremely laid back temperament! They follow my grandbabies around like puppies! Please join us in our quest to provide the most stunning ragdoll kittens imaginable!

Author: hoosierheartthrobragdolls

Thank you for visiting my website! I am a small in home ragdoll breeder and just starting to get my feet wet in this business! I have carefully chosen a star studded line up of beautiful females, 4 in all, and 2 stunning males to raise in our home as our beloved pets and as they mature they will become the Queens and Kings of our small non-caged cattery.

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