Surviving the Polar Vortex!

All of the Ragdolls seem to be oblivious to the freezing cold, although I did have to round them all up onto the main floor of the house to stay warm during our power outage of several hours. Treats are a wonderful incentive! They are all just running and jumping onto the cat trees and playing hide and seek! I do believe they are happy for the reprieve from the grasping hands of our grandbaby after she had been here for three days. Stay warm everybody and love your furbabies!

Author: hoosierheartthrobragdolls

Thank you for visiting my website! I am a small in home ragdoll breeder and just starting to get my feet wet in this business! I have carefully chosen a star studded line up of beautiful females, 4 in all, and 2 stunning males to raise in our home as our beloved pets and as they mature they will become the Queens and Kings of our small non-caged cattery.

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