Mission Statement

As responsible breeders, we are committed to ethical responsible breeding to increase your chances of purchasing a healthy well-adjusted kitten. We breed for quality, not quantity. Our Ragdoll cats are also our pets! They are happy, healthy, spoiled-rotten cats! We know each cat’s characteristics, personality, likes and dislikes because they have all been raised underfoot in our home with dogs, kids, and a couple of older grumpy cats.

We want to spread awareness about responsible spay/neuter practices through public education and encourage people to become active volunteers at local animal shelters, provide outreach programs for schools, seniors, folks with disabilities, and keep up to date about local responsible legislation for the health and welfare of all cats. We want to support Feline Research on health issues and proper vaccinations. Fostering friendly relations between breeders, owners, exhibitors, and the general cat-loving public is essential. As Ragdoll breeders we want to provide you with the purrrfect Ragdoll that will be your family’s HEART THROB!