About Ragdoll cats

The ragdoll cat came about in the 1960’s when Ann Baker of California decided to breed a white Persian with a Berman, then she bred him to a Bermese female and came up with the ragdoll breed.

Breed standards describe the Ragdoll as affectionate, intelligent, gentle and relaxed in temperament, and easy to handle. The Ragdoll is a big, beautiful semi-long haired breed with blue eyes with distinct color points and patterns. The coat is plush, mainly consisting of long guard hairs while lacking a dense undercoat. This means less matting and shedding. The Ragdoll is known as a “floppy cat” because when they are picked up they go limp and flop over. They love to have their tummies rubbed! Females will be 8-15 pounds and males grow to 12-20 pounds.

Traditional ragdoll kittens are born white and acquire color points as they mature. Mink ragdolls have a combination of the pointed gene and the Burmese gene making the point colors much stronger, richer, and darker than traditional ragdolls. The coat is softer and smoother like a lady’s mink coat! Traditionals and minks have the beautiful blue or blue green sparkling eyes! Sepia ragdoll kittens are even darker with darker color points and they may have blue, green, or gold eyes. Their coats are very plush. Sepias are rare.

I have a combination of traditionals, minks, and sepias- they are ALL beautiful in my eyes and it just depends on each owner’s preferences as to which ragdoll is the best one for them!