History of the Ragdoll cat:

The ragdoll breed was developed by Ann Baker of California in the 1960’s. Breed standards describe the ragdoll as affectionate, intelligent, gentle and relaxed in temperament, and easy to handle. The ragdoll is a big, beautiful semi long haired cat with blue eyes and a distinct color point coat. They are known as the “floppy cat” as they tend to just fall backward in your arms when picked up. Females range from 8-15 pounds and males from 12-20 pounds. The plush coat consists of guard hairs while lacking a dense undercoat – this means less shedding and matting! They come in traditional, mink, and sepia, various color points, and various patterns. Mink and Sepia coats are softer than traditionals, like a woman’s mink coat! Minks and Sepia are rare. Traditionals and Minks have blue eyes or aqua blue eyes. Sepia may have blue, green, blue-green, or gold eyes. There are also blue, seal, solid, lilac, or bicolor Ragdolls. So you see, you have a wonderful world of color points and patterns to choose from when choosing your perfect HEARTTHROB!